Friday, 6 June 2014

SRS Scania Metrolink

SRS Scania Metrolink

SRS Travels launched the state of the art and the much awaited Scania Metrolink Multi Axle bus in Bangalore today. The bus powered by a 410hp engine, seats equipped with calf support, adequate leg space and spacious luggage racks ensure a comfortable and safe journey. The bus is is currently plying between Bangalore and Mumbai. 

The Bus departs from Bangalore (Anand Rao Circle) at 7:30pm and reaches Mumbai at 12:45pm(Mira Road) the next day. On return the bus departs from Mumbai (Mira Road) at 2:30pm and arrives in Bangalore at 8:30am (Anand Rao Circle)

For more pictures please visit the link below-

SRS Travels

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